Meanwhile, across the street, some guys are drinking cachaça. They play talk.


_  You see over there? the MOARA? See it?

Yeah, I see…  it is writen on the top. It is the first time I see it around here. Hmm, what it means?

Museum of ArtRageous Art. Those guys come once and while, settle on that vacant lot

    and build the place… they sit on those crates.

Hmm, what it is all about?

_  About art, my friend... about art! They show nice fantastic paintings, and discuss art for long time,

    From here where I am, I can hear comments on dead colors, composition, Veermer, Munsell ...

You understand their language? dead colors? Vier???... Munzel?? 

Watch it, moron,,, they listen to very good music, and have tasty drinks. They talk about art my friend.

    Ya get me?

Whee, hmm… odd... but beautiful and exquisite.

Voila…you're catching on. Do you see that woman holding a flute of wine in her right hand?

    She is Ms. Katie Coops, an incredible well known MOARA leading artist.

    Besides her is Ms. Lee another fantastic artist.

And the others?

_  Top notch artists, mate. Renowned artists in the art world. Nice to have them here just in front, isn't?

Eh, very nice. And what about that cat?

_  Ah! the cat? If it hadn´t been for the cat, there wouldn't be MOARA.

How is that?

_  Ah, forget it.... One day I’ll tell you…

Tell me, man, those guys there, they drop by? They talk to you?

_  Some, yes. They cross the street, come over here and beat a chat with me.

Are you kidding me? they understand your english? Hahaha…I bet not…

_  After a pint of cachaça, who would not understand my english. hahaha…some ask for absinthe...

    but most drink caipirinha, pinga, they smoke and wonder about how things are going.


_  Oh, yeah... what?

_  So what, what?  So what? So what, nothing mate… some of them speak a

    little far-fetched, even complicated, expressing an artistic free way of philosophycal

    thinking., ya know? they verbalize whatever occurs at the edge of awareness. ...But I like it ...

    they know what they are talking about, gives me the opportunity to learn things

    I never heard of, you know?

Free!!!…err… free way of philowhat??? …edge of awaerness??? You're playing me, Pô!!!

    Ya joking…Speak right, man.

 _ Listen carefully buddy: What is good? What is beautiful? Do we have free will? Does God exist?

    Does the world around us exist? What is a person? What is truth? What is evil?

    What is the relationship between mind and body?

 _ Wait, just wait a bit… this is too complicated for me to understand…

 _ It's hard for me too, boob, but I enjoy trying to.., hahaha… at one point I heard one of them saying.:

   “When we speak of Nature it is wrong to forget that we are ourselves a part of Nature. We ought to view

    ourselves with the same curiosity and openness with which we study a tree, the sky or a thought...

    Matisse said it” … he completed.

 _ Ahhn? Matisse? Funny name… 

 _ Hahaha  those guys are awsum, they are nice good humored people… intelligent ... very fine persons. 

    They get a little above normal and excited. under  the effect of cachaça,

    And then they talk a lot… in spurts, all at the same time, is even more difficult to understand them.  

    But that is all... after a while, they return to MOARA, they sit on those crates and chat until dawn...

    Tomorrow they are all gone.

 _ Really? I tell you what, I'd like to be around with my sons, the next time they gather again.

 _ Sure, but you know something? There are many many more of them.

 _ Don't tell me man... how many?

 _  I don't know exactly… what I know is that they are open 24/7, and 

    you can find each and every one of them here .

 _ Man!!! I need  a double dose of that Grão de Galo.

 _ Me to, hahaha.