ART by Lima

The word "Vibrant" is now widely used, Oriane Lima's Art defines the meaning of that word. From Portraits to Abstracts his enthusiasm and skill are rendered in the intense colours and tonal contrasts of Brazil. His wide range of interests are recorded and executed in many dynamic and different ways, they are a joy to see and identifiable at a glance. From a hundred paintings I could always pick out his work and say "That is an Oriane Lima!"

AgedP  (England)


Oriane Lima gets what few artists do: combine the traditional art, impressionist, figurative, with digital art, re-creating wonderful pieces of a high aesthetic sense. The same goes for his films that have an ally in the sound, that takes us to a dimension where we do not want to leave.

Antonio DulcĂ­dio (Portugal)


The skilled hands of a Surgeon have here found a new way to touch lives. Whether using the vibrant colors so often associated with his native South America or the subdued palette of many of the Hudson River painters, his range of subject matter and styles combined with his often bold use of textures reveal Oriane Lima as a unique, diverse, and seriously gifted artist.

Robert S. Wade (USA)


"Oriane Lima does something that eludes many digital artists today, he makes you feel something. His combination of color, rhythm and texture takes the viewer beyond the superficial and reminds them of the rich parallel world of mystery that always lies just beneath the surface."

Al Kratzer (USA)